dtaylorube asked:
Checked in for the white german shepherd (or is a huskie/malamute?). Stayed because of the pic from Brand New/Modest Mouse,- great concert, but too short (damn curfews). Your landscape photos are beautiful,- makes me think I haven't spent enough time in upstate NY.

Thanks for checking my blog out! The dog is my Siberian Husky, Blue. I agree, the Brand New/Modest Mouse show was awesome! And you should definitely come to upstate NY, it’s really pretty up here. Especially during the summer/fall!

Anonymous asked:
This is the problem !! hahaha I'm from Brazil ... but I admire your work, and you would find really cool pictures. And sorry my english hehe

Brazil looks beautiful! I’m sure there are tons of cool places to take pics there. Explore!

Anonymous asked:
My photographs are always rural, if you can post more pictures of you I like to inspire me more !! I think you're beautiful too, shame that lives far away so I can we take photographs together :(

Thanks, I try to post new pictures every day! If you’re ever around New York, let me know :)



autob0tton asked:
how did you edit the dog picture?

With a little help from my friend Photoshop CS6 ;)