rathole5 asked:
Hey, If you're ever looking for some company when you go out and shoot some photography I'd love to join you. I live in Rockland county Just outside of Nyack

Awesome! I work right outside of Nyack, so that could work! I’ll let you know if I ever plan a shoot out that way :)

Anonymous asked:
Why do you feel the need to mention that you're an hour away from NYC? Do you really wish you can live there that much? I thought you are proud to be from the country?

I ‘feel the need to mention’ that I’m an hour outside of NYC for the followers who are not familiar with New York State and where the counties are. No, I don’t wish that I lived there.. At all actually. Been there, done that. I lived there for 3 years. I left because I prefer it up here!

Anonymous asked:
where in ny are you from?

Upstate NY, Orange County. Well, to be precise.. I grew up in Sullivan County, and now I live in Orange haha. An hour north of NYC!